I found myself near the 24th street BART station with 45 minutes to killl, so I wandered down Osage St. to check out the tags and street art. I never noticed them before, but the sidewalks of this alley are completely covered with stencils of Lou Reed. I used the Everyday photo app, which was created to take consistently positioned self portraits, to photograph all 32 of these stencils. Having a ton of photos with almost identical similar images ended up being perfect fodder for some appsperiments.

The animated gif on top of this post was created by taking all of the Everyday photos and running them Giffer!, a really sleek app for creating gifs. I highly recommend it, but should mention Giffer! only spits out smaller (240 pxl wide) images. For the above image, I just increased the embedded image size, which results in some blur, but with the animation it’s not too noticeable… I hope. I also created this alternate version where the head stays more still and my feet are shown.

Lou Reed stencil art

I used Photoshake to create this 5X5 grid of Lou Reeds. Shaking the device randomized the photos.

Daily App Experiment #204 "Transformer"

This image was created by taking several of the Lou Reed photos and interlacing them together using the Interlacer app. I ended up using this image as my Daily App Experiment.

Lou Reed stencil art

Since all of the above shots were taken straight down, I wanted to show a little more context with this photo. In the spirit of experimenting, I used SynthCam to take this shot, which gives it a feeling of depth, similar to a narrow depth of field effect. BTW, SynthCam is now a free app, so go check it out.

About DocPop

It all started with games.. During his daily ride on SF BART, Doctor Popular would constantly drain his new iPhone's battery playing Field Runners, but this app obsession soon spread from games to music. Using apps like Nanoloop and Thumbjam, Doc created an an entire album with his iPhone. He was also one of the first street musicians to perform with an iPad. Now Doc spends most of his spare time creating photography and visual art with his iPhone. Currently he is working on The Daily App Experiment, a year long collection of experimental art, and a book collecting his "appsperiments".
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12 Responses to Transformerer

  1. John Curley says:

    So imaginative, Doc. Love the gif, too. You should be teaching this stuff somewhere!

    • DocPop says:

      Thanks John! I’ll be doing two talks at the SF Apple store next month, one on music apps and the other on photo apps, but they won’t really be instructional.

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  11. Paul MacKay says:

    Jesse Mosher did these paintings in 2010

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