OWS: A Fresh Canvas

Daily App Experiment #313 "A Fresh Canvas"

Motivated by this weekend’s round of Occupy Wall Street evictions, I wanted to express the sense of hope I still feel for future of the movement. These evictions could be a chance for the movement to regroup and focus on their goals and how better to achieve them. Although I watch the OWS with great interest, the physical camps have never felt like something I could personally get behind. I had hoped that visiting the camps in San Francisco and New York would magically help me understand what OWS was all about, but I always left feeling even more distant from protestors. That being said, I still feel optimistic for what this movement could turn into it. This could be a fresh canvas from which to build upon.

For today’s appsperiment, I used a photo of a protestor from my trip to Zuccotti Park a few weeks ago. Using Autopainter and AutopainterII, I then assembling those images in vertical rows using Diptic. I then layered one of the Autopainter images so it started at the bottom and faded as it went up (using Filterstorm) and re-added the artist in the foreground using Juxtaposer.

BTW, Apptography has a great round up of Occupy Wall Street mobile photos here, and you can see more OWS related photos on Objective Scenes here.

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It all started with games.. During his daily ride on SF BART, Doctor Popular would constantly drain his new iPhone's battery playing Field Runners, but this app obsession soon spread from games to music. Using apps like Nanoloop and Thumbjam, Doc created an an entire album with his iPhone. He was also one of the first street musicians to perform with an iPad. Now Doc spends most of his spare time creating photography and visual art with his iPhone. Currently he is working on The Daily App Experiment, a year long collection of experimental art, and a book collecting his "appsperiments".
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