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Cinemagraph: Escalatin

This is where things start to get a little weird. I’ve been sharing cinemagraphs that I’ve been creating with the Kinotopic app this week, and I wanted to mess around more with some of Viddy‘s filters, so I created the above gif. I’m realizing, however, that Viddy must be making really small versions of the videos, because the kinos don’t look quite as hi def or something… Either way, I’m kind of digging the compressed colors. Here‘s an alternate version.

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Cinemagraph: “Coventry and Kaluza”

Spotted these performers in Hallidie Plaza (by Powell St BART) today and created this quick cinemagraph using the Kinotopic app. I wanted to video to be a bit more interesting, so I tweaked the video in Viddy before creating the Kino version. Here’s a bonus kino too!

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Cinemagraph: “Troy Snaps”

Ever since I Photojojo’s post on “cinemagraphs“, I’ve been dying to be able to make some on my iPhone, so I was stoked to find the Kinotopic app. Cinemagraphs are mostly static images, with small parts of video blended in, creating a weird mix of photography and animation. Above is a Kino I created during a photowalk with Troy over the weekend.

Working with gifs can be tricky, but my goal for this week is to post some of my favorite cinemagraphs on a daily basis. We’d like to see yours too, if you create a cinemagraph on your mobile device (using Kinotopic or whatever), email us a link to your gif file!

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