Hi there, I'm Victoria LeBlanc, a 15 year-old high school student from Louisiana, and my love for photography began when I found Instagram. In the beginning, I tried to fit in with all the other photographers by taking pictures of red, vintage barns. But I soon discovered that it's much more fulfilling to use your imagination. I love taking regular photos and adding an extra element to them- whether the element is humorous or humorless. I also enjoy taking sentimental photos of my friends and nature. With a tad bit of experimenting, I'm gradually evolving into my own photographer.

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Sunflower Sunshine


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Believe it or not, this is a Diptic. I took a picture of the sky and water on two separate occasions, then I used Touch Retouch to blend the two photos photos.

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I took this photo while walking downtown with Camera+. I thought it was an adorable house, but I didn’t really like what was surrounding it. So I went to Juxtaposer and added a photo of the sky that I had taken a while back. I still didn’t feel completely satisfied with the photo, so I went to Diptic and made the photo parallel to itself. I then decided that it I liked it and thought it was ready for IG. As I went to post it, I tried out the filters on it. Earlybird made the colors really attractive, and then I used the tiltshift on IG to make it look like a reflection. It obviously looks fake, but what the heck.


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I had fun making this photo. It was a challenge for me, because I tried really hard to make a reflection of myself in the glasses where I’m hanging. Hope you enjoy it.

I used Juxtaposer and Instagram Earlybird filter for this photo.

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