Appsperiments are images created using mobile apps in unintended ways to create unique art. Appsperiments are often created by combining mulitple apps, or re-running an image through a single app multiple times. For more examples, check out Doctor Popular's ongoing Daily App Experiments

Appsperiment Photos:

Cross That Line

Cross that line

A piece created with Filterstorm, Decim8, and the awesome new Tangent App for iOS.

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Messing around with the SnapDot app for iOS. It’s well designed, with cool animation UI tweaks, but at 638X639 pxls wide, it’s just too damn low res. Hoping they fix this in an update soon.

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Fireworks and “Flashjacking” on the 4th


From our perch upon a rooftop in the Mission, we could barely see the “official fireworks” launched from the pier… but that’s okay, because we were surrounded by the best illegal fireworks in the city. At 19th and Folsom, we had huge explosions launching a block or two in just about any direction. So I set my iPhone on a tripod, and used the Lightbomber app to capture long exposure shots of friends, as the fireworks popped behind them. I then popped off color filtered flashes manually from an external camera flash (for the shots below).
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“Horces in the wild” by Hochlander

This painterly image by Yuriy Leskiv (AKA Hocklander) was found in the Objective Scenes Flickr group. It was made with Camera+, AutoPainter, PSexpress, and Filterstorm.

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“The Sea Separates Me” by Deb Evans Braun

This experimental image by Deb Evans Braun, made with the Decim8 app, was found in the Objective Scenes Flickr pool. Thanks for letting us feature the image, Deb!

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This is my first post here on Objective Scenes as a full time contributor. I’m looking forward to showcasing some of the great work from the Objective Scenes group on Flickr, as well as some of my own images.

While at the Lomography gallery in San Francisco, I decided to try shooting through some of the Diana lenses they had on display. The Diana lens was held in front of the iPhone camera, and the image was made with the Camera app. The image was then cropped and edited in Camera+. The soft focus is the result of the iPhone trying to focus through the Diana lens.

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A Temporary Offering

Daily App Experiment 401: "A Temporary Offering"

An appsperiment created with Popsicolor, the soon to be released “painterly” app from the maker of Percolator. Once I Popsicolor’d my original image, I used Image Blender to layer it over a photo of a wall.

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Flashjacking with LightBomber and an external flash

LightBomb and color splash experiments
I’ve been sort of obsessed with finding ways to incorporate an external camera flash into my iPhone photography. It started while back when I was shooting some event photos and occasionally grabbed a bit of the flash from another persons camera in my shot. The effect, which is often called Flashjacking, was cool but very unpredictable. I started trying to capture the same effect by timing a camera flash with the standard iPhone camera app, but it was too much of a pain to get just right. Then I started trying to recreate the effect with a couple of long exposure iPhone apps with terrible results until I found LightBomber. With the “ambient light amount” set to “high” and the timer set to “3 seconds” you can get fantastic results when shooting with a flash.

The photos on this set where all shot with LightBomber while popping colored flashes using a Lomography ColorSplash flash. Some shots were taken with a stationary camera, others were handheld. Some were in dark spaces (with a constant little candle light) others were taken in normal lighting. Check out the photos below and let me know what you think! Thanks.
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Mobile phones and TTV

Camera phone tricks.

Our newest Postagram Tips video has a tutorial on doing Through The Viewfinder photography with your mobile phone. Check it out here.
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Daily App Experiment #382 “Progress Never Stops”

Daily App Experiment 382 "Progress Never Stops"

Today’s appsperiment was shot in Clarion Alley with Lomora 2, then run through the fantastic Autopainter 2 app. I opened this painted version in Filterstorm and layered parts of the original photo (mostly the bicyclist) back on top as a focal point. As usual, I did a bunch of other tiny steps (in Camera+ and other apps), but I’m just focusing on the big steps.

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A Day Late

Daily App Experiment #361 "A Day Late"

Here’s a cute appsperiment I made for Valentine’s Day. I shot two photos in Hipstamatic of my friend Herzog, then used Image Blendere to layer one on top of the other.

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Daily App Experiment #358 “Kaiser Pepperminte”

Daily App Experiment #358: "Peppermint Permanente" - Started off with a shot of one if the Kaiser Permanente buildings on Geary. To get all the windows all lined up Into a straight grid, I used #FrontView. All of the rest of the editing was done entirely

A recent trip to the doctor’s office (for a sore butt bone) brought me to Kaiser’s wonderfully aged buildings on Geary Street. Using a combination of FrontView and PhotoForge2 I created this above appsperiment. Here’s my process:
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“despair” by Hochlander

•despair• Camera+. Post process: Anticrop, Juxtaposer, Decim, Filterstorm, Snapseed

More fantastic work from the prolific iPhone artist, Hochlander. This piece was created using Camera+, Anticrop, Juxtaposer, Decim, Filterstorm, and Snapseed. Looks like time well spent!

Found via the Objective Scenes flickr group.

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“Dots Girl” by Ale Di Gangi

Dots Girl

A great experimental image by Ale Di Gangi, from Mixed-Up, his iPhone art exhibition. We also posted this FANTASTIC airport shot of Ale’s a few months back.

Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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Daily App Experiment #304 "Mukendi

I used to bump into Mukendi a couple times a week while walking through SF. Those his close were often a little worn, he always seemed to have his own style going on. The few times we talked, we joked about being the two sharpest dressed fellas in the area. One day I saw Mukendi in the Mint Plaza and I asked if I could take his picture.
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