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Fireworks and “Flashjacking” on the 4th


From our perch upon a rooftop in the Mission, we could barely see the “official fireworks” launched from the pier… but that’s okay, because we were surrounded by the best illegal fireworks in the city. At 19th and Folsom, we had huge explosions launching a block or two in just about any direction. So I set my iPhone on a tripod, and used the Lightbomber app to capture long exposure shots of friends, as the fireworks popped behind them. I then popped off color filtered flashes manually from an external camera flash (for the shots below).
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“Closer To Christmas”

"Closer to Christmas"

No matter how hard he tries, Christmas stays just barely out of reach.

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Commuter Love As The World Masses By.

Let the world pass by.

As Critical Mass winds through the streets of SF, traffic typically comes to a halt. Some commuters may find themselves stuck at a light for 5-10 minutes as a parade of cyclists make their way from intersection to intersection. Most commuters just wait it out and enjoy the show, a few lay heavy on the horns and yelling, but last night I saw this adorable couple on a Vespa taking advantage of the time to kiss and enjoy each other.
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TTV #1: “Laces up”

Through The Viewfinder

Through The Viewfinder (or TTV) photography is created by taking a photo through the viewfinder of another camera. This works great with the huge viewfinders on older twin reflex cameras, but the tiny camera on mobile cams provides great opportunities to shoot through all sorts of viewfinders. It’s also a great way to provide a fresh look to your mobile photography.
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David Lynch’s Hong Kong

This is a tribute to David Lynch, who recently opened a nightclub in Paris. I have no idea if he’s ever been to Hong Kong, but I think he’s been influencing my Instagram feed lately.

I was looking through my iPhone photos and they’re all rather dark and gloomy. And maybe that’s because Hong Kong has been rather dark and gloomy.

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Good Morning

Marshalls Beach

I’m often amazed at the iPhone’s ability to make a picture the looks better than the same picture made with a DSLR.  This shot was an afterthought.  I had been attempting to shoot this scene of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise for a good half hour but could not manage to get a shot I liked.  I finally gave up and started to head back to the car when I decided to snap a couple of iPhone shots for the heck of it.  Once I got back home and started looking at the shots, I liked what I saw.
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I was on my way to grab a sandwich today when this escalator caught my eye. It’s tucked in a relatively quiet corner in the otherwise very bustling Taikoo Place – a complex of very tall office towers in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. It was practically begging for a quick photo essay. All pics taken with iPhone 4, processed via photo-editing app Picfx.

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Pictures from the Bulbwalk

Photos from the Albany Bulb photowalk

I had a fun time at yesterday’s Albany Bulb Photowalk, aka the #bulbwalk. Thought I’d share some of my fave pics from the event, all taken with my iPhone 4 and a mix of apps like Hipstamatic, SynthCam, and Camera+.
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Pheonix Sky Harbor

I’ve recently started my new job as the Community Manager for Sincerly, Inc., makers of Postagram and PopBooth, so now my passion for mobile phone photography has become a profession. Neat huh? Even neater, I started my first day of employment by flying with the full Sincerely crew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

I snapped this picture in Pheonix Sky Harbor Airport, between connections. I shot it with the normal iPhone4 camera app using the Photojojo telephoto lens. I love the depth of field and interesting “analog” look this lens provides. I then opened the image in Camera+ and saved a lighter and a darker version, which I then merged together in TrueHDR.

More photos from the trip to Mexico soon. I’m debating a big photo dump, or a pic a day with better descriptions. What do you guys think?

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Instagram gold

I’ve told more than a few people that Hong Kong is “IG gold,” which is to say there’s no shortage of material worth capturing on film. Or in my case, a trusty iPhone4. This weekend I took my fair share. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and HK was working her magic. I hope I never get tired of pulling out my camera here.


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Lift Y’r Skinny Fists

Daily App Experiment #201: "Raise y'r skinny fists..."

Lift Y’r Skinny Fists (Like Antennas to the Heavens)“, piece number 199 in my yearlong Daily App Experiment, captures Sutro Tower during the sunset. Although it has a very painted look, the piece was created with Camera+, Pic Smoother, and TrueHDR, with a few camera hacks along the way.
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SlowShutter Lightning Photography by Isaac Larson

While searching for images on Instagram that were tagged with #slowshutter, the awesome long exposure app that John Curley posted about last week, I came across these fantastic lightning photographs from Isaac Larson (@isaaclarson on the Instagramhole).

After pestering him to let us post the images, he sent us the nice big original photos along with some info on how how he used SlowShutter:
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city hall wedding

city hall wedding
One of the things that we do in real life is shoot weddings. Yes, we’re that guy. We actually love being that guy. We’ve gone places, seen things, and made friends we otherwise never would have. And we count ourselves very lucky for all of it.

So today we combined a wedding with some iPhone appsperimentation, and here are the results.
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the dreamy sea

the dreamy, foggy pier
We went back to the beach for today’s shot, in our case the familiar and foggy San Mateo coast.

One of our favorite things about the iPhone is the ability to take long exposure pictures in the daytime. No neutral density filters necessary, either. It’s amazing, really. To get a 15-second exposure in the daytime on your DSLR, you’d need … oh, I don’t know, maybe two -10 stop filters stacked on your lens? And then you wouldn’t be able to see or focus on your subject, because the filters would make everything in the viewfinder dark.
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there goes the sun. again.

there goes the sun

Hi again all, and let me offer my apologies right up front: A sunset picture?? On a blog about experimental iPhone work?

Yes, I’m guilty, but here’s my thinking: there MIGHT be something for you to take away from this photo, even if it has a mundane subject matter.

(Full disclosure: I am hopelessly addicted to sunset pictures, at least ones that are done passably well. When the Flickr Blog used to interview photographers, their last question always was: “Kittens, babies, sunsets or flowers?” because those were four of the most common shots on Flickr. My answer would have been sunsets, and that hasn’t changed. It’s nature’s light show, and a very cheap date. I’m also very easily amused.  Ok, onward.)

I’ve posted this one to show that even with an iPhone, it’s possible to capture photos with an amazingly high dynamic range. The sun SHOULD be completely blown out here, and there should be very little color tonality in the sky because the highlights are so strong. But that’s not the case. So how did we do it? Continue reading

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