About Objective Scenes:

Objective Scenes is a group blog dedicated to the art of mobile photography. The blog features regular contributions from Doc, Troy, Tyson, and Victoria, as well frequent guest contributors and photos submitted to our Flickr group. All pictures are shot and edited exclusively on mobile devices (iPhones, Android, etc).

We love seeing new work from our friends. If you’d like to submit work to the Objective Scenes blog, please add your image to our OS Flickr group. Remember, all photos must be shot and edited with an iPhone, Android device, Razr, or similar mobile device. Adding the device and apps used to your photos description is also a big help for us.

Our Photos:

Stick Together

Sticking together

You can never go wrong with puppies, right? I spotted these guys in Heron’s Head park and wanted to see how they look on the blog.

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Time Slips Away

Shot through the window of a bus on a rainy day. Edited with Camera+.

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Such Great Heights: Hiking through Tenaya Canyon

Tenaya canyon

Back from a crazy adventure through Tenaya Canyon, a dangerous and less travelled hike in Yosemite National Park. The scary parts were scary and the scenic parts were few and far between. I’ve never been much of a nature photographer, but I’m happy with a few of these shots from the trip. Wish I’d brought my iPro lens kit along, but I’m glad I decided to carry my iPhone 4S in a LifeProof case.
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Jell-o (as seen from above)

Best in Show award (as seen from above)

A shot of the Best of Show trophy at this year’s Jell-o Shot Bake Off.

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“la calma que precede a la tormenta”

Mariachis in limos

I had the fantastic opportunity to ride around in a limo packed with mariachi performers as part of Uber’s Cuatro De Mayo campaign. Here are some of the iPhone pics I took throughout the day, I also snapped some film shots that I’ll have back early next week. Thanks to Peggy and the Uber team for letting me ride around.
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Calder’s Shadow: Scenes from the SFMOMA

Sculpted. @cheimonette at the #sfmoma roof deck.

Finally had a chance to visit the rooftop garden at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art. Some friends of mine enjoy working out of the Blue Bottle cafe there on Thursdays, so I stopped in briefly to join them and snapped these photos while I was there. All shots taken on my iPhone 4s with the Lomora 2 app and some additional editing with ACDSee.
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Pier 14

Pier 14

A foggy day shot at the mouth of Pier 14. This shot was already pretty lined up, but I used the FrontView app to slightly stretch out the edges of the gate into a perfect square.

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My Diana


I really developed my love of photography in November of 2010 thanks to the iPhone’s camera and the inspirational works found in the Instagram community. About a year later, I decided to start experimenting with analog cameras, with the hope of learning more about photography in general. It’s been a bumpy start, but if you’d like to see some of my recent prints, you can check out this post on DocPop.org. BTW, these scans were edited using iPhone apps… because that’s pretty much all I know how to use at the moment.

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Fog, horns, and birds.

Foghorn Leghorn

It was a slow day, so I decided to take a long lunch break over by San Francisco’s Ferry Building. Despite being after 2pm, I was amazed to see the fog had not yet burned off for the day, a rare occurrence. The afternoon light cast their thick shadows into the fog and I was happy to be able to capture some of it on my iPhone camera.
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Ode to Atlanta

This isn’t actually an ode. I’m not attempting anything remotely poetic. This is more of an homage to a place I used to live, but now only visit. I spent 10 years calling Atlanta home, more (by far) than anywhere else in this world. So long, it’s become my default answer when someone asks “Where are you from?” But after a decade I was getting a bit bored with her southern charm and I was pretty much thrilled to move on.

Nearly a year later, I found myself making an unexpected trip back. Five whirlwind days and nights. A chance to see Atlanta – it’s people, architecture, and yes, charm – through a fresh lens. And fall right back in love.  At any rate – here’s the pics. All shot, edited with my iPhone4s.

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“Closer To Christmas”

"Closer to Christmas"

No matter how hard he tries, Christmas stays just barely out of reach.

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Down and out in a Tahoe Donut Shop

"Down and out in a Tahoe donut shop"

Why’s he so woebegone? Maybe they ran out of donuts?

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Year in Review: The Places I’ve Been

So, today’s my birthday. It’s also exactly one year from the day I first downloaded Instagram, an app that’s had a massive influence on my 2011. I spent the year documenting my life, which involved a new job, a new city, and traveling to places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I’m feeling reflective. So indulge me, won’t you? Here’s the places I’ve been this year.

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Foodie SnapPak (a love story)

Foodie Snap Pak shots

Objective Scenes isn’t an app review blog, but I’ve been totally blown away by the newest Hipstamatic combo pack and had to share some of the pictures here. It’s called the Foodie Snap Pak, but honestly I have yet to take any food pictures with it yet… which is surprising considering how many food pics I take a week :)
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Shower Edit Challenge

Edit Challenge

Short version: I’d like to see your edits of the above image. We’ll post some of our favorite versions on Objective Scenes next week. You can submit your photos to ObjectiveScenes at gmail.com or share them on our Flickr group along with the tag “showeredit”. We’d also love to hear a brief description of the thoughts and process behind your edit.
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