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Time Slips Away

Shot through the window of a bus on a rainy day. Edited with Camera+.

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A passenger on the Market Street Railway waits for his stop.

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Embarcedero Center in San Francisco is full of interesting lines and geometric patterns. Every time I walk through the buildings I find something new to shoot, or a new way to shoot a familiar area.

This image was made with Hipstamatic using the excellent Olloclip fisheye lens.

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“Horces in the wild” by Hochlander

This painterly image by Yuriy Leskiv (AKA Hocklander) was found in the Objective Scenes Flickr group. It was made with Camera+, AutoPainter, PSexpress, and Filterstorm.

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“Asleep At The Wheel” by Grateful Ghoul

This image of a driver napping in Rome was found in the Objective Scenes Flickr Pool. Thanks for your contribution, Grateful Ghoul!

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Riding The City Streets

Captured on Market Street near Church.

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“The Night Glow” by Ariel Dovas

This image from Ariel Dovas makes me feel like I am sitting in my car on a rainy night. I particularly like the way the water on the windshield diffuses the streetlights.

Found in the Objective Scenes Pool on Flickr.

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“The Sea Separates Me” by Deb Evans Braun

This experimental image by Deb Evans Braun, made with the Decim8 app, was found in the Objective Scenes Flickr pool. Thanks for letting us feature the image, Deb!

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“Heaven’s View” by John Agoncillo

I love the feel of this gorgeous black and white image by John Agoncillo. The long shadows make me think of walking to the bus after a long day at work.

Found in the Objective Scenes pool on Flickr, used with permission.

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This is my first post here on Objective Scenes as a full time contributor. I’m looking forward to showcasing some of the great work from the Objective Scenes group on Flickr, as well as some of my own images.

While at the Lomography gallery in San Francisco, I decided to try shooting through some of the Diana lenses they had on display. The Diana lens was held in front of the iPhone camera, and the image was made with the Camera app. The image was then cropped and edited in Camera+. The soft focus is the result of the iPhone trying to focus through the Diana lens.

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Comstock Negroni

Comstock Negroni

Sometimes a DSLR is just too intrusive. But the iPhone is always there.

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Eat At Joe’s

Eat At Joe's

One of my favorite subjects is neon. Day, night, vintage, new — it’s all good. A friend asked me to bartend a party at his house, and much to my surprise, there was a neon sign in his kitchen. I didn’t have my DSLR with me, but I did have my iPhone.

This was not processed, it’s just as the camera saw it.

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ShakeItPhoto is an app that mimics the look of an old Polaroid. It does not have options for borders, effects, or anything else. Tap the shutter, get an image. The image “develops” slowly on the screen, and you can shake your phone to make it develop more quickly.

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Planet Galleria

Planet Galleria

This image was created using Photosynth and TinyPlanet. Photosynth was used to create this original image:
Image One
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Four Views Of Embarcadero

Four Views Of Embarcadero

Diptic is a flexible way to assemble several photos into a single image. It has a lot of layouts, and it will output a high resolution image.

One thing I like to use Diptic for is to show alternate views of a single place, event, or concept. In this case, I was shooting the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco with Hipstamatic. The tile pattern and the sculpture are iconic and recognizable to anybody who has spent much time there. The escalator and the seated person were also in the area, but are not as immediately recognizable. By using Diptic to assemble all the images together, they all become part of the story and the viewer is helped to see the images as four parts of the same place.

I also use Diptic in conjunction with some other apps to make surreal images with interesting patterns. I’ll post about that later in the week.

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