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“The Night Glow” by Ariel Dovas

This image from Ariel Dovas makes me feel like I am sitting in my car on a rainy night. I particularly like the way the water on the windshield diffuses the streetlights.

Found in the Objective Scenes Pool on Flickr.

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Sunday Streets through a smart phone

Coming to a stop.

I love Sunday Streets, the semi-frequent city event that opens up large chunks of Valencia and 24th streets to walking traffic. I never set out to “document” the event, but after a few hours of walking through the friendly crowd of families, artists, and whatevers, it’s hard not to leave with a few decent photos. Can’t wait for the next one on July 1st.
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Rabbi Saint Laurence

Rabbi Saint Laurence

Something about the fog tends to pull me down Market St. Usually I just bike to work and back, but on these foggy days, I’ve been tending to explore around the Ferry Building and Embarcadero more. I love to listen to the fog horns talking to each other along the bay, but yesterday I was treated to the sounds of Rabbi Saint Laurence and his lone snare drum.
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Sutro via Corona

Corona Heights Park

I had a fantastic hike to the top of Corona Heights yesterday, where I snapped this picture of Sutro Tower. I got a few more decent iPhone shots during the hike, check this Flickr set for more.
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OWS: March down Market Street

Phot from within the thick of the #occupysf march down Market.

I posted some shots from today’s OccupySF march down Market Street here. Reminder: if you have any mobile photography from OWS (or any events) you’d like to share, please submit it to our Flickr Pool.

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Commuter Love As The World Masses By.

Let the world pass by.

As Critical Mass winds through the streets of SF, traffic typically comes to a halt. Some commuters may find themselves stuck at a light for 5-10 minutes as a parade of cyclists make their way from intersection to intersection. Most commuters just wait it out and enjoy the show, a few lay heavy on the horns and yelling, but last night I saw this adorable couple on a Vespa taking advantage of the time to kiss and enjoy each other.
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Golden Gate Bridge

Thanks for following along with my posts this week. And thanks to Doc for allowing me to be a guest contributor.

This is a 15 second long exposure taken with SlowShutter Cam with the iPhone on a tripod. I didn’t have a specific idea on how I wanted to process the image, so I opened it in Pictureshow and started trying out different presets. I liked the unexpected result of MultipleExposure preset that I got here.

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The iPhone is a great camera for capturing candid photos of strangers on the street. I don’t know of a more discreet camera. For this shot I used the Camera Genius app’s Big Button feature, which allows you to use the entire screen as the shutter button. I was able to shoot this from the hip by just tapping the screen without worrying about hitting a particular spot for the shutter button. The sun was harsh and in the original image the subject had really dark shadows around the eyes. So the first step was to open the image in FilterStorm to make a curves adjustment to lighten up the eyes. I applied this with a mask on the eyes so that the rest of the image was unchanged. Next step was to run the Camera+ Clarity preset to bring out more detail. Finally I brought the image into Cameramatic for the black and white conversion and the frame. Cameramatic has become my favorite app for black and white because it has some presets but allows you to really customize the processing.

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Where you’re from and where you’re going

For this shot of the Embarcadero Center in the Financial District of San Francisco, I placed the iPhone on the ground, centered across the walkway. I snapped the shot with Camera+ when a person walked into the frame. The first step in processing, as is often the case for me, was the Clarity filter in Camera+. I saved the image and re-opened in the MagicHour app where I used the Red X-Pro preset but removed the border and the texture.

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I’m fascinated with how a long exposure can transform an ordinary scene into something surreal. For this shot I placed my iPhone on the ground, centered at the bottom of a moving escalator and took a four second exposure using the SlowShutter Cam. It’s important to use the timer to minimize movement of the phone. I wanted the final image to be edgy so I opened the long exposure image in Camera+ and applied the Clarity filter. I saved the file and then repeated this two more times to really bring out the detail. Before saving the last time, I applied the Redscale effect in Camera+ and dialed it down a touch with the slider.

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Thoughts Unclear
I was returning to work after an unsuccessful lunch hour photo walk when the architecture of the San Francisco Federal Reserve building caught my eye. I wanted to include a human element so I found the spot that gave me the juxtaposition I had in mind. I waited for a person to walk into the frame and snapped a couple shots with the Camera+ app. I knew going in that I wanted to process this image in black and white so I started with the Camera+ Clarity scene and Ansel B&W effect. I was happy with the result but wanted to take it a little further. I opened the B&W in Decim8 and experimented until I found a result I liked. I saved this and then re-ran Decim8 on the original B&W until I got another result that I like but was different from the first. I combined the two Decim8 edits with the original B&W using the awesome Interlacer app. Finally, I added the border with the Cameramatic to get the image above.
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