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Riding The City Streets

Captured on Market Street near Church.

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Sunday Streets through a smart phone

Coming to a stop.

I love Sunday Streets, the semi-frequent city event that opens up large chunks of Valencia and 24th streets to walking traffic. I never set out to “document” the event, but after a few hours of walking through the friendly crowd of families, artists, and whatevers, it’s hard not to leave with a few decent photos. Can’t wait for the next one on July 1st.
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Spotted this steamy little construction scene on Market St and started taking photos when this super-serious-bicyclist pulled right into my shot. By the way he was staring at me, he looked unhappy, but he just sat there sort of posing for me as I kept snapping away. Even the construction guy was wondering what was going on.
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Stop You

Daily App Experiment #305 "Stop You Later"

Today’s Appsperiment was created with a mix of Percolator, Lo-mob, DXP, and Filterstorm on my iPhone 4S.
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Sharp dressed youngster

cute kid at Blue Bottle

Spotted this sharp dressed youngster outside of Blue Bottle Cafe. He was fastidiously picking up promotional postcards from the sidewalk and placing them back on the nearby table tops. Adorb!
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Hell On Wheels!

Hell On Wheels!

Set out to just photograph the cool skid mark patterns at 18th and Bryant when this curly haired cutey came zipping down the hill. I couldn’t have asked for better timing, but Camera+ crashed right as I started taking pictures. Luckily this shot survived, but I wasn’t snap any other shots.

Remember, if the shot is important to you, always shoot in the native Camera app. Nothing worse than losing that perfect moment because an app crashed.

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What’s he building in there?

What's he building in there?

An intriguing passageway beside one of the many closed down theaters on Mission Street in San Francisco. Shot with an iPhone 4 using a Photojojo Fisheye lens and processed with Camera+.

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