It all started with games.. During his daily ride on SF BART, Doctor Popular would constantly drain his new iPhone's battery playing Field Runners, but this app obsession soon spread from games to music. Using apps like Nanoloop and Thumbjam, Doc created an an entire album with his iPhone. He was also one of the first street musicians to perform with an iPad. Now Doc spends most of his spare time creating photography and visual art with his iPhone. Currently he is working on The Daily App Experiment, a year long collection of experimental art, and a book collecting his "appsperiments".

Posts by DocPop:

Cross That Line

Cross that line

A piece created with Filterstorm, Decim8, and the awesome new Tangent App for iOS.

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Stick Together

Sticking together

You can never go wrong with puppies, right? I spotted these guys in Heron’s Head park and wanted to see how they look on the blog.

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Such Great Heights: Hiking through Tenaya Canyon

Tenaya canyon

Back from a crazy adventure through Tenaya Canyon, a dangerous and less travelled hike in Yosemite National Park. The scary parts were scary and the scenic parts were few and far between. I’ve never been much of a nature photographer, but I’m happy with a few of these shots from the trip. Wish I’d brought my iPro lens kit along, but I’m glad I decided to carry my iPhone 4S in a LifeProof case.
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Messing around with the SnapDot app for iOS. It’s well designed, with cool animation UI tweaks, but at 638X639 pxls wide, it’s just too damn low res. Hoping they fix this in an update soon.

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Fireworks and “Flashjacking” on the 4th


From our perch upon a rooftop in the Mission, we could barely see the “official fireworks” launched from the pier… but that’s okay, because we were surrounded by the best illegal fireworks in the city. At 19th and Folsom, we had huge explosions launching a block or two in just about any direction. So I set my iPhone on a tripod, and used the Lightbomber app to capture long exposure shots of friends, as the fireworks popped behind them. I then popped off color filtered flashes manually from an external camera flash (for the shots below).
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More Sunday Streets in the Mission

Penny Farthing Thoughts

Another batch of Sunday Streets photos from the Mission. Taken with 645 PRO. See the last batch here.
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Jell-o (as seen from above)

Best in Show award (as seen from above)

A shot of the Best of Show trophy at this year’s Jell-o Shot Bake Off.

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“Contrasts in Kayaks” by Jennifer Phillips-Dilly

Contrast in Kayaks

Love this high contrast black and white photo by Jennifer Phillips-Dilly. It makes me want to give Cameramatic a shot sometime.

Found in the OS Flickr group.

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Sunday Streets through a smart phone

Coming to a stop.

I love Sunday Streets, the semi-frequent city event that opens up large chunks of Valencia and 24th streets to walking traffic. I never set out to “document” the event, but after a few hours of walking through the friendly crowd of families, artists, and whatevers, it’s hard not to leave with a few decent photos. Can’t wait for the next one on July 1st.
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Welcome Jeremy Brooks!

Tony Forgot

Our good friend Jeremy Brooks is joining Objective Scenes as our newest full time contributor. You may have seen some of his guest posts here before, as well as several mentions of his fantastic Interlacer app, so we are stoked to see more of his Hipstamatic shots here on the blog.

Aside from his ongoing Transamerica photo-series, Jeremy has also been an active member of the OS Flickr group, and he’ll also help select photos from the group pool to feature on the site.

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“Different Perspectives On The Weather”

Different Perspectives On The Rain

Shot off of Market St on drizzly day. I had framed my shot and was simply waiting for these ladies to cross the road when this longboarder suddenly rolled into frame.

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“Ecodriving” by Richard Skoglund


Great composition in this shot by Richard Skoglund. Found via the OS Flickr Group.

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“…” by Craig Birmingham


A classic Hipstamatic shot by Craig Birmingham. Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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A Temporary Offering

Daily App Experiment 401: "A Temporary Offering"

An appsperiment created with Popsicolor, the soon to be released “painterly” app from the maker of Percolator. Once I Popsicolor’d my original image, I used Image Blender to layer it over a photo of a wall.

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Spotted this steamy little construction scene on Market St and started taking photos when this super-serious-bicyclist pulled right into my shot. By the way he was staring at me, he looked unhappy, but he just sat there sort of posing for me as I kept snapping away. Even the construction guy was wondering what was going on.
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