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Fireworks and “Flashjacking” on the 4th


From our perch upon a rooftop in the Mission, we could barely see the “official fireworks” launched from the pier… but that’s okay, because we were surrounded by the best illegal fireworks in the city. At 19th and Folsom, we had huge explosions launching a block or two in just about any direction. So I set my iPhone on a tripod, and used the Lightbomber app to capture long exposure shots of friends, as the fireworks popped behind them. I then popped off color filtered flashes manually from an external camera flash (for the shots below).
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The Fourth From A Rooftop In The Mission

Daily App Experiment #214: "Fireworks & iPhones"

My friend Ariel and I hung out on his roof to watch the San Francisco fireworks for this year’s 4th of July. Turns out we couldn’t see the big fireworks display too clearly, but luckily the Mission District stayed lit up with illegal fireworks well into the morning.

Here are some pictures I took using Interlacer, SlowShutter, and Camera+.
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