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“Asleep At The Wheel” by Grateful Ghoul

This image of a driver napping in Rome was found in the Objective Scenes Flickr Pool. Thanks for your contribution, Grateful Ghoul!

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The iPhone is a great camera for capturing candid photos of strangers on the street. I don’t know of a more discreet camera. For this shot I used the Camera Genius app’s Big Button feature, which allows you to use the entire screen as the shutter button. I was able to shoot this from the hip by just tapping the screen without worrying about hitting a particular spot for the shutter button. The sun was harsh and in the original image the subject had really dark shadows around the eyes. So the first step was to open the image in FilterStorm to make a curves adjustment to lighten up the eyes. I applied this with a mask on the eyes so that the rest of the image was unchanged. Next step was to run the Camera+ Clarity preset to bring out more detail. Finally I brought the image into Cameramatic for the black and white conversion and the frame. Cameramatic has become my favorite app for black and white because it has some presets but allows you to really customize the processing.

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