I'm Tyson, an editor and journalist living and working in Hong Kong. I'm happiest when listening to Spoon, running mountain trails, or just hanging out with my beautiful wife and amazing kids. I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I'm most definitely an Instagram addict. Sometimes I stash cool shit here.

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Ode to Atlanta

This isn’t actually an ode. I’m not attempting anything remotely poetic. This is more of an homage to a place I used to live, but now only visit. I spent 10 years calling Atlanta home, more (by far) than anywhere else in this world. So long, it’s become my default answer when someone asks “Where are you from?” But after a decade I was getting a bit bored with her southern charm and I was pretty much thrilled to move on.

Nearly a year later, I found myself making an unexpected trip back. Five whirlwind days and nights. A chance to see Atlanta – it’s people, architecture, and yes, charm – through a fresh lens. And fall right back in love.  At any rate – here’s the pics. All shot, edited with my iPhone4s.

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Year in Review: The Places I’ve Been

So, today’s my birthday. It’s also exactly one year from the day I first downloaded Instagram, an app that’s had a massive influence on my 2011. I spent the year documenting my life, which involved a new job, a new city, and traveling to places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. I’m feeling reflective. So indulge me, won’t you? Here’s the places I’ve been this year.

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Time to reflect

I take my phone with me when I run. You know, in case of emergencies. In this case, a rare blue sky over Hong Kong,  and a cool, reflective building. All of the following images were taken within 10 minutes of each other on a Saturday afternoon in North Point, when the light felt just right.

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Operation escape the office: London edition

Did I mention I was in London recently? For real, dang! That’s me up there demonstrating the perfect Instagram technique. I spent most of the week working, but did manage to escape the office for a half-day with my partner in crime, Lilacina, also above, demonstrating a slightly more complex maneuver.
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Tiltshiftin’ in Thailand

This is Koh Samui, an island in southern Thailand, where I’ve been holed up in a ridiculously lavish resort the past 5 days. Don’t hate. I never do stuff like this.

Anyway, I left my SLR at home, which I regretted only once – when I was at the island’s highest peak and trying to capture the depth of Samui’s vast coconut orchards leading to a pristine beach. You won’t see that image here, because admittedly there are limitations to the iPhone4 camera – or perhaps I’m just not skilled enough. But I think I did alright. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree or just want to say hi. All pics taken with iPhone4 camera and edited in Filterstorm, Picfx and Snapseed, and sometimes all three. (Tiltshift added in Instagram app)
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Diggin’ on Snapseed

I’ve got a new app obsession.

It’s called Snapseed. This photo-editing app retails at $4.99, but a few weeks back this sucker was free for like 48 hours and I was lucky enough to snag it when some of my Instagram buddies pointed it out.

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David Lynch’s Hong Kong

This is a tribute to David Lynch, who recently opened a nightclub in Paris. I have no idea if he’s ever been to Hong Kong, but I think he’s been influencing my Instagram feed lately.

I was looking through my iPhone photos and they’re all rather dark and gloomy. And maybe that’s because Hong Kong has been rather dark and gloomy.

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Jacinda Lex

This is Jacinda Lex. She is six.

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Peak performance

I’m a member of Instagram gang called HK Instayay. Not a very tough name I know, but we’re serious about our IG addiction and keep our iPhones within striking distance at all times.

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I was on my way to grab a sandwich today when this escalator caught my eye. It’s tucked in a relatively quiet corner in the otherwise very bustling Taikoo Place – a complex of very tall office towers in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. It was practically begging for a quick photo essay. All pics taken with iPhone 4, processed via photo-editing app Picfx.

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Hong Kong in tiltshift

Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m hopelessly addicted to tiltshift.

It wasn’t always like this. I used wait for the standard high-up perspective shot, but now I’m tiltshifting my late-afternoon latte.

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Instagraming the Great Wall of China

“This is, indeed, a great wall.”

Those are the words of Richard M. Nixon, who in 1972, famously traveled to Beijing, breaking 25 years of silence between the US and China and paving the road for improved relations with Soviet-controlled Moscow.

I wasn’t alive then, but from what I read, the world watched closely, and I imagine many of my fellow Americans must have been captivated by the images of Nixon walking along China’s Great Wall.

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Instagram gold

I’ve told more than a few people that Hong Kong is “IG gold,” which is to say there’s no shortage of material worth capturing on film. Or in my case, a trusty iPhone4. This weekend I took my fair share. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and HK was working her magic. I hope I never get tired of pulling out my camera here.


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Director’s cut

I’ve been a little obsessed in IG land lately with putting multiple images on one frame. There’s a handful of helpful apps for the iPhone – Diptic among the most commonly used. I banged this baby out with PicFrame – made by the same developer being filter wizard PicFx. Both are incredibly easy to use, and fantastic for layering, juxtaposing multiple images. You can use this tool to make a piece of art, tell a story, or in the case above, simply showcase a backlog of b-side images taken over the weekend.

Would love to see your examples of multiple image framing on IG or anywhere else. Cheers!

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We call it #hkinstayay

I started documenting my adventures in Hong Kong on Instagram as a way to share my adventures with friends and family back home. It quickly grew into something else. Something remarkable.

Making friends is easy on IG, and a group of us in Hong Kong decided it would be fun to host a photowalk and Instameet. We decided to call it #hkinstayay and founded it on three guiding principles: 1) have fun 2) meet new people 3) celebrate photography.
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