June 11th Instawalk in San Francisco’s Chinatown District

June 11th InstawalkSF

An Instawalk is an Instagram themed photo walk. Users are encouraged to shoot, process, and upload their photos as the walk is happening. If you haven’t done one yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a really bizarre experience to be seeing what your fellow photographers are seeing as the walk is happening.

Our next Instawalk in San Francisco is June 11th. We’ll meet at 11am at Dragon’s Gate (the cool sculpture at Bush and Grant St). Then we’ll walk through Chinatown for a couple of hours before ending up at a bar, where we’ll share iPhone photography tips.

As an extra bonus, we’ve teamed up with Photojojo for this Instawalk. They’ll be bringing 20 of their iPhone lenses (including the popular Fisheye lens) to lend out to our group for the walk. I know they’ll have some additional goodies with them too!

If you’d like to hear about these events sooner, or help plan your own, join our InstawalkSF Google Group.

This event is open to everyone, iPhones are not required 😉 IF you are uploading to Instagram, please use the #instawalksf hashtag. If you can’t make it, you can watch the event online as it happens.

About DocPop

It all started with games.. During his daily ride on SF BART, Doctor Popular would constantly drain his new iPhone's battery playing Field Runners, but this app obsession soon spread from games to music. Using apps like Nanoloop and Thumbjam, Doc created an an entire album with his iPhone. He was also one of the first street musicians to perform with an iPad. Now Doc spends most of his spare time creating photography and visual art with his iPhone. Currently he is working on The Daily App Experiment, a year long collection of experimental art, and a book collecting his "appsperiments".
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  1. DocPop says:

    BTW, the above photo was taken with an iPhone using a Photojojo fisheye lens, then I used Phoster to add the text.

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