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“Strolling” by Lindsey Thompson


Another great iPhone art piece by Lindsey Thompson, who’s “Rolling Stone” piece we featured last week. She describes the process behind “Strolling” here:

Yes, this one was achieved with Juxtaposer, based on 3 different images, the main image being the boy on the left, I cut out his silhouette from 2 other images I’d taken of him walking past me and layered them onto this image with Juxta, the final treatment was using Iris (poster effect > surface textures) and then a colour change through Phototreats, hope this helps :-)

Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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“Things fall into place in Tetriston” by unruly_e

Things fall into place in Tetriston

unruly_e created this cubist appsperiment by running an iPhone photo through 3DPhoto then blending it back with the original photo by using the Juxtaposer app.

Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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“Rolling Stone” by Lindsey Thompson

A rolling stone ....

Lindsey Thompson was cool enough to breakdown the process for the well edited iPhone art above:

These were all handheld shots, this was similar to the last image you asked about, another Juxtaposer edit, the original image was the one with my boy sitting right at the top, and then cut-outs from 4 other different images taken as he rolled down the hill shortly after :-) yes, camera+ was just used for coloring effects, and think it also went through idarkroom at some point too! Hard to remember now, though there was a ton of touch retouch with this one also, I certainly haven’t forgotten that bit!

Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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Daily App Experiment #177 “The Distance Between You and Me.”

Daily App Experiment #177 "The Distance Between You & Me"

When I started my The Daily App Experiment project on December 1st of 2010, I didn’t really have any plans for how long I’d be doing it, or what I was going to do with them images once they were finished. My only goal was to try and create as many different “appsperiments”, images created by using mobile cameras and apps in nontraditional ways, as possible. This usually means mixing and combining apps, or sometimes even running one image through the same app over and over again. I’m now 186 days into the project and I’m still having fun with it. What’s really awesome is that quite a few Instagrammers have also joined in on the fun, with nearly 1,800 images tagged with #appsperiment.

When posting appsperiments to Instagram I try to roughly describe my process for each image, but now that we have this awesome mobile photography blog (complete with it’s own appsperiment button) I’d like to try to write more in depth descriptions of some of my favorite appsperiments.

Daily App Experiment #177 was created with Camera+, WordFoto, and Juxtaposer. My goal was to have a readable sentence run across the photo, but if I just added the words in the sentence, WordFoto would scramble them up randomly. So I had to get a bit creative…
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