About Objective Scenes:

Objective Scenes is a group blog dedicated to the art of mobile photography. The blog features regular contributions from Doc, Troy, Tyson, and Victoria, as well frequent guest contributors and photos submitted to our Flickr group. All pictures are shot and edited exclusively on mobile devices (iPhones, Android, etc).

We love seeing new work from our friends. If you’d like to submit work to the Objective Scenes blog, please add your image to our OS Flickr group. Remember, all photos must be shot and edited with an iPhone, Android device, Razr, or similar mobile device. Adding the device and apps used to your photos description is also a big help for us.

Our Photos:

Chess Hustler


Playing for money on Market St.

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Beautiful black and white portraits by Coy Townson


Using minimal natural lighting, Coy Townson captured these wonderful black and white portraits on his Droid X and iPad. When I asked him about his favorite app for black and white photography, he said “I currently still use my Droid X with the Vignette App. This app is the reason I haven’t gone iphone even though I just got started on my ipad 3. I haven’t found anything comparable on the iOS platform that allows me to create and save my own styles then shoot with no post processing as I can with Vignette.”
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Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Sometimes my girlfriend makes me breakfast. I love the graininess in this shot, which I took using 645 PRO and edited with Snapseed‘s new black and white editor.

We’ve been posting black and white mobile photos all, week. What do you guys think? Share your b&w shots in our OS flickr group.

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Turn To Me I See Infinity

Turn To Me

Shot on Fulton St in Brooklyn.

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“The Door At The End Of The Hallway” by Jeremy Brooks

The Door At The End Of The Hallway

Our pal Jeremy Brooks snapped this shot shortly after a dinner with Troy, Brandon, and myself. A few of us tried taking pictures through this window just off of 18th street and Mission, but Jeremy’s iPhone shot is one of my faves.

Found via the OS Flickr group.

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Winthrop and Winthrop’s Glasses

Winthrop & Winthrop's Glasses
I met Winthrop in Mint Plaza today during lunch. I asked about his glasses and he said told me that he couldn’t afford to get new frames, so he took his old lenses and crammed them into a cheap pair of frames from Walgreens. Sidenote: Winthrop totally reminds me of Steven Jesse Bernstein in this photo.

I’ll be posting my own black and white photos throughout the week and searching the Objective Scenes flickr group for b/w shots for the blog too.

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“City Church in Monochrome” by Dave Gilbert

City church in monochrome

Love the mood in this shot by Dave Gilbert.

Found via our Objective Scenes flickr group.

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Little Dinosaur, Big City

Little dinosaur, big city.

I’ve been trying to mess around with black and white shots a bit more, so I thought I’d post a slew of them onto the blog throughout this week.

I’ll be searching the Objective Scenes flickr group for black and whites too.

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“Glass Partition” by Keith Tharp

Keith Tharp captured this beautiful photo by pressing his iPhone lens against the side of a glass wall in an Apple Store in Boston. The end result is out of this world and very inspiring.

You can hear more about how Keith got this shot, plus many other great tips on the Tiny Shutter podcast.

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Mobile phones and TTV

Camera phone tricks.

Our newest Postagram Tips video has a tutorial on doing Through The Viewfinder photography with your mobile phone. Check it out here.
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Instawalk at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this Saturday

InstawalkSF at the SFMOMA

Bay Area phoneographers take note, our next Instawalk is taking place at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this Saturday from 1-3pm. Click here for more details.

Check out our post from a couple months ago at the SFMOMA to get an idea of what it’s like.

SFMOMA rooftop

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Daily App Experiment #382 “Progress Never Stops”

Daily App Experiment 382 "Progress Never Stops"

Today’s appsperiment was shot in Clarion Alley with Lomora 2, then run through the fantastic Autopainter 2 app. I opened this painted version in Filterstorm and layered parts of the original photo (mostly the bicyclist) back on top as a focal point. As usual, I did a bunch of other tiny steps (in Camera+ and other apps), but I’m just focusing on the big steps.

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Calder’s Shadow: Scenes from the SFMOMA

Sculpted. @cheimonette at the #sfmoma roof deck.

Finally had a chance to visit the rooftop garden at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art. Some friends of mine enjoy working out of the Blue Bottle cafe there on Thursdays, so I stopped in briefly to join them and snapped these photos while I was there. All shots taken on my iPhone 4s with the Lomora 2 app and some additional editing with ACDSee.
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“Rings” by Ohad Ben-Yoseph


An effective use of the tilt-shift effect by Ohad Ben-Yoseph. Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr group.

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“From the Terrace (Explored!)” by Jose Vazquez

From the Terrace (Explored!)

I’m so impressed with this photo by Jose Vazquez. He say’s “Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain from underneath the terrace during our first winter snowstorm. Taken with my iPhone4s. Processed using Snapseed and picfx.”

Found via The Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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