“Heaven’s View” by John Agoncillo

I love the feel of this gorgeous black and white image by John Agoncillo. The long shadows make me think of walking to the bus after a long day at work.

Found in the Objective Scenes pool on Flickr, used with permission.

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“Contrasts in Kayaks” by Jennifer Phillips-Dilly

Contrast in Kayaks

Love this high contrast black and white photo by Jennifer Phillips-Dilly. It makes me want to give Cameramatic a shot sometime.

Found in the OS Flickr group.

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Sunday Streets through a smart phone

Coming to a stop.

I love Sunday Streets, the semi-frequent city event that opens up large chunks of Valencia and 24th streets to walking traffic. I never set out to “document” the event, but after a few hours of walking through the friendly crowd of families, artists, and whatevers, it’s hard not to leave with a few decent photos. Can’t wait for the next one on July 1st.
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This is my first post here on Objective Scenes as a full time contributor. I’m looking forward to showcasing some of the great work from the Objective Scenes group on Flickr, as well as some of my own images.

While at the Lomography gallery in San Francisco, I decided to try shooting through some of the Diana lenses they had on display. The Diana lens was held in front of the iPhone camera, and the image was made with the Camera app. The image was then cropped and edited in Camera+. The soft focus is the result of the iPhone trying to focus through the Diana lens.

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Welcome Jeremy Brooks!

Tony Forgot

Our good friend Jeremy Brooks is joining Objective Scenes as our newest full time contributor. You may have seen some of his guest posts here before, as well as several mentions of his fantastic Interlacer app, so we are stoked to see more of his Hipstamatic shots here on the blog.

Aside from his ongoing Transamerica photo-series, Jeremy has also been an active member of the OS Flickr group, and he’ll also help select photos from the group pool to feature on the site.

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“Different Perspectives On The Weather”

Different Perspectives On The Rain

Shot off of Market St on drizzly day. I had framed my shot and was simply waiting for these ladies to cross the road when this longboarder suddenly rolled into frame.

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“Ecodriving” by Richard Skoglund


Great composition in this shot by Richard Skoglund. Found via the OS Flickr Group.

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“…” by Craig Birmingham


A classic Hipstamatic shot by Craig Birmingham. Found via the Objective Scenes Flickr Group.

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A Temporary Offering

Daily App Experiment 401: "A Temporary Offering"

An appsperiment created with Popsicolor, the soon to be released “painterly” app from the maker of Percolator. Once I Popsicolor’d my original image, I used Image Blender to layer it over a photo of a wall.

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Spotted this steamy little construction scene on Market St and started taking photos when this super-serious-bicyclist pulled right into my shot. By the way he was staring at me, he looked unhappy, but he just sat there sort of posing for me as I kept snapping away. Even the construction guy was wondering what was going on.
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Noir Photo (tips and tricks)

Rob Reeves

If you are interested in a cool black and white photo app for iOS, then check out my newest Doc’s Guide video about Noir Photo. Here are some of my favorite iPhone portraits edited with Noir Photo and the Big Lens app.

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Flashjacking with LightBomber and an external flash

LightBomb and color splash experiments
I’ve been sort of obsessed with finding ways to incorporate an external camera flash into my iPhone photography. It started while back when I was shooting some event photos and occasionally grabbed a bit of the flash from another persons camera in my shot. The effect, which is often called Flashjacking, was cool but very unpredictable. I started trying to capture the same effect by timing a camera flash with the standard iPhone camera app, but it was too much of a pain to get just right. Then I started trying to recreate the effect with a couple of long exposure iPhone apps with terrible results until I found LightBomber. With the “ambient light amount” set to “high” and the timer set to “3 seconds” you can get fantastic results when shooting with a flash.

The photos on this set where all shot with LightBomber while popping colored flashes using a Lomography ColorSplash flash. Some shots were taken with a stationary camera, others were handheld. Some were in dark spaces (with a constant little candle light) others were taken in normal lighting. Check out the photos below and let me know what you think! Thanks.
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“Welcome to Urban Ore” by Ariel Dovas

Welcome to Urban Ore

Cool shot taken at the infamous Urban Ore in Berkeley by Ariel Dovas.

Found via our Objective Scenes flickr group.

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“la calma que precede a la tormenta”

Mariachis in limos

I had the fantastic opportunity to ride around in a limo packed with mariachi performers as part of Uber’s Cuatro De Mayo campaign. Here are some of the iPhone pics I took throughout the day, I also snapped some film shots that I’ll have back early next week. Thanks to Peggy and the Uber team for letting me ride around.
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“Hair” by Brad Evans


A great Hipstamatic shot by Brad Evans, as seen on his City Snaps blog.

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